Our Rates: Private, In-Home Training & Classes
Our Fee Schedule:

Initial consultation is
approximately 90 minutes to 2
hours long

Please contact us regarding our
rates.  Special rates are
available for rescue dogs.

The  first lesson is
approximately one-and-a-half to
2 hours long.  Each subsequent
lesson is approximately 1 hour

Debbie conducts classes at a
reduced rate--please call for

Please note:  In order to serve
all of our clients well, all
appointment cancellations
require a 24-hour notice for an
appointment fee not to be
charged.  No refunds.    Payment
is due in full when services are
rendered for hourly clients and
at the first lesson for programs,
in order to keep administrative
costs down.

Requirement:  A current copy of
the dog's or puppy's latest
vaccinations must be presented
at the first lesson.


Because of COVID-19,
classes are on hold.

BUT we are offering
reduced-rate telephone
and SKYPE consultations.

Contact us at:

(610) 344-7799 or
"We are happy with our
training.  Our owners
are happy with the
Dogs are BEGGING for