Some testimonials......

"Debbie trained our dog Lucy, a Boston
terrier, and taught us how to stop her from
biting when she didn't get what she wanted.  
Now Lucy is a well-behaved family member.  
We can't thank Debbie enough!"

Vanessa, Drexel Hill

We adopted a pit bull who we named Zeus.  
He is very strong and didn't know any
commands.  After almost getting pulled
down, we knew he needed some training.  
Debbie came to our house and worked with
all our family and showed us how to work
with him.  Even our teenagers can now walk
Zeus without him pulling on the leash.  He's
a pleasure to live with now!!"

Carol and family, West Chester

"I can't praise her highly enough!  Debbie
was the first trainer I worked with after
bringing home my apricot toy poodle pup,
Lola.  She was patient, kind, loving, and
funny, and incredibly skilled at teaching Lola
her basics.  Bottom line, Lola loved her as
much if not more than I did!"

Nina Z., Lower Merion, PA

“Debbie has trained both of our dogs over the
last three years, and we couldn’t be happier.  
Her amazing patience and caring nature with
them is the #1 reason they’ve become so
well behaved.  Not only was Debbie willing
to teach us her techniques, but she was
always available to answer our emergency
questions.  Our dogs are our kids, and the
only person we’d trust them with is Debbie.”

-J.C. & S.B., Bryn Mawr, PA

"My name is Mike. My wife and I rescued a 2
year old French Brittany in February of this
year (2006). Although our dog Mikey didn't
have any major obedience issues, we were
still having significant issues with 'the walk'
and him pulling on the leash. No matter how
much time we put in with methods we had
read about, it hadn't seemed to make much
of a difference. We started seeking
obedience training and found an
advertisement for Debbie DeSantis’ 'Going to
the Dogs Obedience Training' services.

After meeting Debbie, we were happy to see
that she went through a detailed screening
process to help best identify the issues we
were having with Mikey. We were also
impressed to see that she had done prior
research on the French Brittany breed
considering they are rare to own in the
United States. We had purchased a 4-lesson
package that would be used over a month
period. The training sessions were private
and to be held at our home.

For our first lesson, she evaluated Mikey's
personality and helped us with several drills
that would help Mikey get used to walking
close to us as well as help improve his focus
and his patience. She was warm and kind to
him. Her knowledge regarding obedience
was strong and it showed as she was able to
explain to us methods that would work best
for his personality. She also taught my wife
and I how to properly use these training
methods and closely evaluated us to see
how we could improve and get the best

Just after several days using Debbie’s
methods, we could notice Mikey's
improvement as far as listening to us and
paying more attention. Over the following 3
sessions, we expanded upon our prior
lessons which would in turn help is focus and
improve his confidence in public places.

Debbie definitely knows what she is talking
about and also practices what she preaches.
One time after our lesson she demonstrated
to us one of her award winning shelties and
the many cool tricks she could do. Her dog
listened to her and performed the tricks
immediately without hesitation. It is obvious
that Debbie's knowledge along with patience
and persistence will greatly help improve the
relationship between dog and owner."

--Mike K., West Chester, PA

"Debbie trained our Rottweiler using positive
training methods.  The results were amazing
and our dog is very well behaved now.  
People who meet our dog are amazed at how
well trained he is. Debbie's methods really
get results.  She was patient and very
knowledgeable and answered our questions."

-John, Drexel Hill, PA

"We are very happy with the training our lab
received  from Going to the Dogs Obedience
Training.  Debbie used just the right training
methods and we achieved great results.  Our
dog can now accompany us places and does
not jump on people and listens to us.  We are
very pleased  with the services we received
and highly recommend her."

--Tom, Newtown Square, PA
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great ones!     
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