Going To The Dogs Obedience Training
IS VALUABLE.  We want you to have the BEST
possible relationship with your dog and not
waste time on methods that don't work.  A
trained, well-behaved dog is a joy to live with.  
We believe in positive methods of training
that get results.  We work with your entire family,
including children who are old enough to train,
so that everyone is consistent and that the dog
understands that all human family members are
at the top of the pack.

Training should be enjoyable for all
involved--both human and canine.  We will show
you how to have all members of the
family participate in having the best canine
you can have.

Dogs often live well into the teens.  Isn't it worth
the time and resources necessary to have a
great relationship?  We think it is.  We are here
to help further communication between dogs
and their owners, so that your time together is
the happiest ever!!!  

Many problem behaviors arise because of a lack
of communication and training methods that
aren't appropriate for the individual dog.  We will
help you prevent problems from developing.  
But, even if your dog already has some problem
behaviors, we will help to resolve them in a
humane way.  Try our services.  You'll be happy
that you did!
Our Canine Family
We offer a wide variety of services so you
can have the best relationship with your dog
as possible.  From puppy kindergarten
through advanced training, our experienced
instructor will show you how to communicate
with your dog.  We specialize in rehabilitating
behavior problems.  We also offer behavior
consultations.  Private, in-home training and
consultations as well as telephone
consultations are designed to meet your
individual needs.
Over 24 years experience
In-home convenience
Positive, humane training methods that work!
Many levels of training
Behavior Consultations in person or on
    the telephone